Thursday, August 5, 2010

fancy plates, collections and juice glasses

I think it is fair to say that most people have or have had a collection of some kind.
Baseball cards, fancy plates, teaspoons, Pogs (does any body else remember pogs?) anyway you get my point. . .I wanted to start a collection that wasn't going to cost me a fortune, one that was functional and one that I and others could appreciate on a daily basis. So at the beginning of the year I Started collecting vintage juice glasses.It is strange I know, but the patterns and prints feed my love of both design and colour. . .

I got my first glass In January this year, I spotted it through the window of a closed Op shop in Yarrawonga. Although I only intend to collect one of each kind of glass, the woman at the shop said I had to buy all four. So I forked out the $5 for 4 strawberry printed glasses to kick off my collection. (If you come to visit I wont mind too much if you break one!)

The next two glasses in the collection were purchased from a second hand store in Northcote - Melbourne. They were two dollars each and I'm pretty sure I was unnaturally excited about finding them. . .

The Fourth and final glass in my collection (until I find the next one, of course!) was given to me by my dad, its a slightly different shape to the others, but I still love it!

So if you see any of these floating around let me know . . . I can't wait to expand my collection!

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