Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Trip

Summer Holidays were awesome i'll fill you in on what I got up to very soon.
In the meantime, i've been back at work for a week now and I was having a few holiday withdrawals! So we headed to Phillip Island for the weekend, we had such a good time and explored the entire island, driving from end to end and almost every look out / attraction along the way!
Here is a little bit of what we got up to. . .

Relaxed with a glass of wine and enjoyed the amazing sunset views

The Nobbies / Seal Rock

Spotted Koala Bears

enjoyed an upside down Latte. . . bazaar hey?

Explored rockpools

Pyramid Rock, probably our favorite spot of the trip, I would love to picnic on that perfectly square patch of grass on the rock!

I had such a good weekend, I'm not sure if it's done much to cure my summer holiday withdrawals though!



  1. Hello - I found your blog while searching google for images of honey packaging for an upcoming article in UPPERCASE magazine and just a few posts up from the honey image was a post about my magazine! what a great coincidence! thank you so much for blogging about the magazine and including us in your sidebar links. -Janine

  2. Hey Janine,
    I'm a subscriber so I'll be sure to check it out! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! I'm flattered as i absolutely love UPPERCASE!