Sunday, November 25, 2012

Markit 2012

Yesterday was Markit at Federation Square. I love being a part of Markit it is always such a great atmosphere with plenty of people coming through. It's also so great knowing that so many of my friends are there with their own stalls also having a great time.


I had so many brand new products and a new set up to go with it


New Silk Cotton Summer scarfs up the back, Leather and cotton chevron bags, Christmas tea towels up the front and some fun reversible necklaces in the middle!

So I managed to sneak away early (with this good looking guy keeping an eye on things for me) before it got too busy and here are a few snaps of my favorite bits and pieces!

The lovely Andrea from Stampel doing her thing

I loved her new spotty one off vessels

& new necklaces

Absolutely love this girl! Indie from Monolog wearing her brand new dress

The bright colours at Swiden really stood out

  Dawn Tan having a great time with her new necklaces we've all been watching on Instagram

And of course there was a crowd so big around Emily Green's stall it was hard to even get a peak!

I did manage to pick up this one for summer though! I love all of her new patterned beads.

There was so much to see at Markit, I'm glad I got to sneak away for a few minutes and show you some photos.


For those of you that missed out Craft Victoria are having their Christmas market this Saturday at 1000 pound bend (361 little lonsdale street Melboune) and I will be there, so come along between 11-4

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