Monday, October 4, 2010

Envélop - Issue one

So I promised I would tell you about this a little while ago, last year I was lucky enough to concentrate solely on designing my very own magazine.
It's called Envélop and is a series of interviews with 4 largely unknown creatives.
It is currently for Sale at The Sticky Institute in Melbourne

Issue one.

Issue one Launch, at 1000pound bend in Melbourne, October 2009.

Set up at 1000pound bend

The logo doing freaky things!

So the reason I'm posting about this is that the feedback I've received about issue one in the past few months has been so much more than I had ever expected, so . . . I am pumped to announce that issue two is in the works! It's very early stages at the moment, but hopefully I can get it out and on the streets in the new year, Eep!


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