Monday, December 27, 2010

jiggling jelly joy!

So Christmas has been and gone for 2010! I feel like i haven't sat still in a few weeks, in between all of the Christmas parties, working, shopping and lets not forget the festive cooking season! below are this years creations

First up is the honey bread house! Made from scratch, om nom nom :)

I made the dough with the help of Rowie

we had a few honey explosions, but got there in the end!

After my hands recovered from the rolling out process came the decorating

The front

My favorite side with the fizzers

This amazing marshmallow snow man was made by Gav, the best decorating helper out :)

Jaffas and rainbows!

The delicious aftermath

So after all of the honey bread came my second attempt at a jiggling jelly cake in a festive colour palette!

It was a massive hit with the family and they were all lining up for a slice!

I hope your Christmas was just as colourful and delicious


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