Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sydney week - Adriano Zumbo!

Ok so this post is the week after Sydney week (oops!) but it's here now so that's all that matters right?

So when I was in Sydney for Etsy Success (which was amazing) I stayed an extra day for a couple of reasons. 1. One of my close friends Steph recently made the move up to Sydney to chase a new career and I really wanted to visit her and see how she was going forming a new life away from home and her family. ( plus she was SOOO excited at the possibility of me coming up I had no choice but to book the flights and visit!) 2.
I have only been to Sydney twice before and I've never really got a good feeling about it and wanted to give it another go.

Apart from the conference and catching up with Steph the highlight of the trip was visiting Adriano Zumbo's patisserie!

This seems strange coming from a person who doesn't eat cake of any kind or particularly like desserts but Zumbo's creations are so visually AMAZING I can't help but be astonished by the vibrant colours and marvel at the craftsmanship and detail that goes into each and every piece.

I bought a few pieces that I wanted to taste and to share with my family back in Melbourne! I got the amazing passion fruit tart - or should I say "tarte au fruit de la passion" hehe and a beautiful Box of zumborons! (Macarons Zumbo style) they were all beautifully boxed up and ready to travel home to Melbourne for the fam!

So here comes the devastating part of this story. . . I was on the way to the airport and I realised I left my Zumbo's behind!!! Nooooo! With only 35mins ( I may have been already cutting it really fine) there was no time to go back for them! So I sadly flew home on a flight which ended up being delayed just to rub it in minus my Zumbo's and having never even tasted them!

Oh the devastation. . . It may be why it's taken a week to get this post up! So basically I'm now planing a trip to Cafe Vue or somewhere amazing in Melbourne (suggestions are welcome!) or I'm off to visit Steph again who I hope enjoyed the sweet treats!


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