Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sydney Week - Etsy Success part #2

They last few sessions for the day were Tips from Top Sellers moderated by THE Danielle & Styling and photography and how to PR by Jo Walker from Frankie Magazine and blogger Pottymouthmama !

Both of these sessions were highly entertaining and I managed to pick up some really great tips and ideas on how to improve my business and store.

A couple of top tips for Etsy:
- Be you - but be the best you, Tell a story in your profile (i.e why are you different, what are you offering buyers), be flexible and open to change, always contact a buyer to say thankyou and double check their postage address!

During the DIY PR session Jo Walker gave us her tips if you're ever going to contact her (or any other editor) by e-mail here are her tips in a nutshell.

1. Get straight to the point

3. Only attach low res images

4. Don't call her Nancy, Sally or anything other. Name that isn't Jo ( in other words read before you send and don't send her a generic e-mail!)

5. follow up - but only once! - Don't be pushy!

These sessions were hilarious and really topped off a great day :)

I also want to share from the conference was the AMAZING food we were served ALL day! (I was so full I pretty much had to roll out of there!)

 Tiny burgers!

Pomegranate seeds!

Delicious cous cous salad!

Until tomorrow!

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