Thursday, October 4, 2012

Las Vegas Photo Drop

Here are a few photos
from our visit to Las Vegas - we spent a few days just wondering around, it's a place were you don't need to make any plans as every time you walk around a corner there will be something new and even more ridiculous to see!

Remember that $100 bill I found? Well here is the story: I figured that finding $100 is pretty cool in itself but finding it on the day you're driving to Vegas? That's amazing so I knew we had to gamble it in some way because it must be a lucky $100 bill - on Saturday night we had a few drinks and worked up to putting it all on Red - one bet that's it. If we lost it I thought it would still be a cool story, if we won then even better! So we chose to play at Caesars Palace and walked up to the roulette table, the table attendant said "we'll throw it down on the table" so that's what we did - put our single $100 chip on red and hoped for the best! Turned out it landed on red 14! So we took our $200 and got out of there - haha it was so much fun and must have been a lucky 100.

So here are a few photos - hope you enjoy!

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