Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas trees and Post-its?

As a blog reader i've noticed that christmas is in the air, it was a little premature in my eyes, but seen as it is ALMOST December I thought I could contribute to the festivities! Particuarly because making things and craft is usually involved with Christmas, and to me that's the most exciting bit!

Since Tilda has entered the household many things have had to change, now when searching for shoes, you look up not down. The rule is that pretty much anything which is on or near the floor is free for the taking! It is generally taken and collected in my bedroom, my shagpile rug is the place to be apparently.

So a Christmas tree is pretty much out of the question this year! While reading yesterday I found this great Idea here

What a great Idea, I think I might give it a try, and write little messages on the post its!

My friend Kirsty is going to give this little one a go! I can't wait to see how it turns out :)


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