Saturday, November 20, 2010

Printing and Tea at the Harvest Workroom

So today was the first day of my screen printing course and it was amazing!
I was lucky enough to be in the first class held in the new Harvest workroom, which is beautiful, the space had such a great and relaxing feel about it! maybe it was because of my first impression was being greeted with a smile and offered a cup of tea, a perfect way to start a relaxingly creative day.

I didn't get any photos of the front of the workroom, which was lovely, so I will be sure to get some next week! This is the back and the printing studio below

The amazing 10m print table freshly installed this week!

A great and functional wash up area makes all the difference

So we began the class by having a cup of tea a chat and sketching shapes from Australian native wild flowers

Then came the stencil making

and finally after 5 hours of preparation the Printing!!!

My little creations below :)

I look forward to learning heaps more and layering up some colours in the second class!

Thanks to the lovely ladies Jess and Lara, for opening up their studio and inviting us in!


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