Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcoming 2011

So i'm up bright and early tomorrow morning on a road trip!
I'm very excited about spending four days away with amazing friends and celebrating the pending new year

As I will be away from technology and enjoying the Australian summer this will be my last post for 2010, I hope you all enjoy the celebrations and I look forward to sharing pomegranate's stories with you in 2011! (I have some pretty big plans, which I can't wait to share, eeeeeppp!)

Happy New Year

Image sourced from A Cup of Jo

Monday, December 27, 2010

jiggling jelly joy!

So Christmas has been and gone for 2010! I feel like i haven't sat still in a few weeks, in between all of the Christmas parties, working, shopping and lets not forget the festive cooking season! below are this years creations

First up is the honey bread house! Made from scratch, om nom nom :)

I made the dough with the help of Rowie

we had a few honey explosions, but got there in the end!

After my hands recovered from the rolling out process came the decorating

The front

My favorite side with the fizzers

This amazing marshmallow snow man was made by Gav, the best decorating helper out :)

Jaffas and rainbows!

The delicious aftermath

So after all of the honey bread came my second attempt at a jiggling jelly cake in a festive colour palette!

It was a massive hit with the family and they were all lining up for a slice!

I hope your Christmas was just as colourful and delicious


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Up up and away

So I have been a busy bee this week preparing for this Saturdays Christmas Market at the Harvest Textiles workroom I will be there along with Kirsty from So Little Time selling our laser cut wearables. As well as that I will be launching my first limited edition print for Pom by Pomegranate! The lovely girls from Harvest have organised a stall for their past students, it will be available on both calico bags and tea towels from there! Take a sneak peak below!

Of course Tilda was there trying to keep an eye on things!

I printed these on Sunday afternoon and the process was so much fun!
I have the next one in mind and I can't wait to see it come to life


Thursday, December 9, 2010

three six five

So i've never really had a new years resolution, well never one that i've thought that hard about, nor one that's lasted. So why start now? this isn't a new years resolution but it's a new outlook on life-resolution, something that I hope will remind me of the life discoveries I have made recently and something I hope will help me to continue making them.

This is it. . . 365.
365 days, 365 thoughts, quotes, patterns, drawings, letters, colours, or whatever I come across on that particular day.
A huge challenge, and one that I hope to stick to! It's not a new year resolution, because they never last, and because it begins today December the 9th! It's a life resolution which i'm very excited about.

Now that I have told all of you about it I'm going to have to stick to it, aren't I?


Friday, December 3, 2010

Philadelphia Love. . .

So I was reading Uppercase today and I came across the article City Love
A public art project in west Philadelphia check out the website here

I wish I could go and see them all, what a fantastic idea


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Step and Repeat

So today was the second half of my screen printing course at the Harvest Workroom and i'm addicted!

This is a photo of the front half of the Harvest Workroom as promised, and it just doesn't do it justice! I do love the lights though, such a fantastic and loose look!

I stared the day by layering some crimson red pomegranates ontop of last weeks prints

Then we learnt how to design repeat patterns which I am still super stoked about

My wrist is still recovering from cutting this crazy pattern out

Stencil cutting was followed by the step and repeat printing technique, and It worked! Yaaayyy

I look forward to getting my own screen and of course signing up for the advanced class, where you learn 3 colour repeats, bring it!


Friday, November 26, 2010

The latest

So I have recently located some new editions for my juice glass collection!
I found these little gems tucked away and extremely dusty in the back of a cabinet at a local antiques store, It was my first time in there and seriously, you could look in there for days! there are so many little alcoves, the floor changes height and material several times and things are stacked up to the ceiling! I walked out with these two looking a little worse for ware, I cleaned them up aaaannnnd


My mum ( I love how committed she is to my random collection!) also managed to find this decanter which matches the little orange glass she picked up for me in New South Wales! How exciting, I look forward to a sunny breakfast drinking juice with these little ones!

The collection is coming along so well, but I can't wait to add to it!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas trees and Post-its?

As a blog reader i've noticed that christmas is in the air, it was a little premature in my eyes, but seen as it is ALMOST December I thought I could contribute to the festivities! Particuarly because making things and craft is usually involved with Christmas, and to me that's the most exciting bit!

Since Tilda has entered the household many things have had to change, now when searching for shoes, you look up not down. The rule is that pretty much anything which is on or near the floor is free for the taking! It is generally taken and collected in my bedroom, my shagpile rug is the place to be apparently.

So a Christmas tree is pretty much out of the question this year! While reading yesterday I found this great Idea here

What a great Idea, I think I might give it a try, and write little messages on the post its!

My friend Kirsty is going to give this little one a go! I can't wait to see how it turns out :)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Printing and Tea at the Harvest Workroom

So today was the first day of my screen printing course and it was amazing!
I was lucky enough to be in the first class held in the new Harvest workroom, which is beautiful, the space had such a great and relaxing feel about it! maybe it was because of my first impression was being greeted with a smile and offered a cup of tea, a perfect way to start a relaxingly creative day.

I didn't get any photos of the front of the workroom, which was lovely, so I will be sure to get some next week! This is the back and the printing studio below

The amazing 10m print table freshly installed this week!

A great and functional wash up area makes all the difference

So we began the class by having a cup of tea a chat and sketching shapes from Australian native wild flowers

Then came the stencil making

and finally after 5 hours of preparation the Printing!!!

My little creations below :)

I look forward to learning heaps more and layering up some colours in the second class!

Thanks to the lovely ladies Jess and Lara, for opening up their studio and inviting us in!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Craft Hatch

Here are a few photos from our launch! Such good times, Thanks to everyone who battled the rain to come!

A Fairly Good Time range, photo by Pomegranate

Incy, photo by Pomegranate

Photo by Craft Victoria

Photo by Craft Victoria

Photo by Craft Victoria

Photo by Craft Victoria

Photo by Craft Victoria

The most rewarding thing was seeing people's faces light up as they looked at our designs, such an amazing feeling