Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh Joy Studio - book launch!

Last week when I was walking around Manhattan I checked my twitter feed and noticed that Oh Joy Studio was having her book launch and signing only a few blocks away that night (and there is an example of why I love twitter!) I was SO excited that I stopped by bought her new book Blog Inc. which is all of her tips on making a successful blog /business and was able to meet the lovely Joy!



Etsy Visit - Brooklyn NYC

Last week I was lucky enough to stop by Etsy in NYC - they contacted me a few days before I came over here with a pretty exciting proposal (more dets on that later) so I went into their amazing office for a tour!

Out the front of the Etsy office

The lovely Nicole showed me around
Etsy don't have desk phones - instead they have these themed telephone booths for when the staff need to make calls
Inside one of the three Etsy Telephone rooms

Some of the many wall decorations in the office

All of the employees have individually handmade desks - this was my favourite, a glitter topped desk! (Sorry about the photo quality)

It was such an inspiring place to visit and I feel lucky to be part of a community that provides so much support to their online sellers!



Friday, October 12, 2012


3 days in NYC so far and I love it! Here are some photos so far - for now we're off to Pennsylvania for a taste of country life before heading back to Manhattan early next week for more fun!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We arrived in Manhattan 2 hours ago at 4.55am - now we're watching it wake up


Monday, October 8, 2012


For as long as I can remember I've wanted to go to Disneyland - this week I went! It was Gav's birthday so we thought it was the perfect excuse as we are staying in Santa Ana only 15 minutes away!

I went on all the crazy rides and had a ball! Here are some photos from the day :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Las Vegas Photo Drop

Here are a few photos
from our visit to Las Vegas - we spent a few days just wondering around, it's a place were you don't need to make any plans as every time you walk around a corner there will be something new and even more ridiculous to see!

Remember that $100 bill I found? Well here is the story: I figured that finding $100 is pretty cool in itself but finding it on the day you're driving to Vegas? That's amazing so I knew we had to gamble it in some way because it must be a lucky $100 bill - on Saturday night we had a few drinks and worked up to putting it all on Red - one bet that's it. If we lost it I thought it would still be a cool story, if we won then even better! So we chose to play at Caesars Palace and walked up to the roulette table, the table attendant said "we'll throw it down on the table" so that's what we did - put our single $100 chip on red and hoped for the best! Turned out it landed on red 14! So we took our $200 and got out of there - haha it was so much fun and must have been a lucky 100.

So here are a few photos - hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Adventuring: Week One

So it's been 6 days since we took off to the USA on a big adventure - We've done so much it feels like we've been here for weeks!

We landed in LAX early on Wednesday morning - we stepped outside of the airport dazed and tired from the 14 hour flight and Gav asked me if we should go left or right, I pretty much laughed at him ( but yes he was serious) so I said we should go to the right. And that's pretty much how things have gone ever since! We ended up Getting to Santa Monica that afternoon - a beautiful beach city in California & the end of Route 66

We spent one night here just to take a rest - get our toes wet and have a good sleep so we were ready to get on the road to Las Vegas, Nevada!

Day two started off with a bike ride for me and a rollerblade for Gav down to Venice beach it was really nice down there - I think I was mostly excited about getting some sun & giggling at people's American accents.

As we were riding back to Santa Monica I spotted something on the ground. . . A $100 bill, this would be exciting under normal circumstances but on the day we were driving to Vegas? That's ridiculous and we were hoping a sign of things to come. . . We arrived in Las Vegas at around 2am that night as it turned out the traffic in LA really is as bad as they say.

We checked in to Circus Circus and that really is where the adventure began. .

I'll do a photo drop of Las Vegas tomorrow as it was the most ridiculous place I've been and ill update you on the story of the $100 bill