Thursday, September 30, 2010

I heart. . .

Today my friend Kirsty showed me something truly amazing.
I'm a massive blog reader and I come across so many amazing images everyday which I can never find again! however the clever cookies at we heart it have solved all of my blog reading problems! Basically the site allows you to create a collection of all of the images that you like and it tells you where they've come from - so simple. They have created a bookmarklet which makes the site SO easy to use.

Check out my page here I heart this site a lot!

Todays hearts :)

I was very excited to see that I made it onto the home page this afternoon!

So I think you should all get out there and heart to your heart's content!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday

The term "happy friday" is something that i've come across since i've started mingling with the corporate world. At first I thought it was just one client, but it has become increasingly prevelant the past few fridays. Today I am very happy it is friday as I have some big plans for the weekend! I'm driving interstate tomorrow which is very exciting (I will fill you in on all of the cute and fluffy details very soon) and I also have some big carnival style creative plans for sunday.

I hope you had a happy friday and have a wonderful weekend wherever it may be!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

boxes, bunting and a cake

Moving house is one of my least favorite things to do, for some reason - whenever i'm unpacking boxes, moving furniture and getting couches stuck in a doorway I have this overwhelming urge to roll into a ball on the floor and not move!
I'm not sure if anybody else can relate to that, but moving house is the worst! Maybe this pure dread and lack of energy is caused because we accumulate too many possessions, making moving them an inevitably difficult task. Do we really need most of the things we have? I think not.

Somehow though when everything is moved and unpacked, you feel a sense of the new and it's exciting - it has all been worth it. Unless of course you're just helping someone else move, but in that case there is always bunting cake to make everything better.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Get your pom on!

Ok So this has been in the making for a few months!
I became a little bit pom pom obsessed recently and my mind started to wonder. . . there are SO many things that you could make out of pom poms, it's pretty amazing really.

Anyway I saw this picture. . . and that was it!
A pom rug it was. . .

My pom bucket which is getting a bit full!

So far I have 61 poms and I think i'm a little less than half way!

It's pretty exciting and one day I hope it will be the feature of my very own studio. A studio filled with natural light, and bright colours, so far it's only an idea and an image in my mind, but it's amazingly pretty trust me! I find making Poms quite thereputic. . . it's my current craft of choice and I highly recommend it.

Naturally over the past few months my pom making has developed and I have even made some wearable poms, which are available on Etsy here.

P.s Pomegranate is about to get a MASSIVE makeover so stay tuned!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

nobody needs that much jam

After 9 long weeks my subscription to UPPERCASE finally arrived! Hooray!

O So pretty :)

It has arrived at a perfect time - I've decided I want to start reading more - I want to read anything really but I can imagine it will mostly be magazines one of my loves, I figure there isn't much point in reading if you don't enjoy it and I thoroughly enjoy reading magazines! I have my own magazine, did you know that? It's gone SO much further than I could have ever imagined! I promise to blog about it soon!

This is my current reading pile sitting next to my bed. . . oh love Xx there just aren't enough nights in a week!

Yesterday I was in MagNation in Melbourne - I had some time to kill before work and I love that place, it smells like freshly ground coffee and is a magazine wonderland! (I also secretly like smelling fresh magazines straight off the press - I think thats part of being a designer though. . . I swear i'm not strange I know of other people that do it too! ) Anyway I came across a mag that I haven't seen before called Extra curricular which comes out of New Zealand and was very exciting!

It's about the growing craft movement that is happening (mostly after hours) - An article by Rachel Ogier in the current Spring 2010 issue made me giggle, here is the first bit. . .

"If all you're focused on is the end product, there's not a lot of point in mastering book binding or jam making (two of mt favorite pastimes) With a lot of effort and no little expense you'll end up with some jam which looks and tastes like jam from a store. Good for you. Well done. What on earth was the point of that?

We make craft because it feels good. But more and more research is suggesting that craft is good for your health as well. Not the end product - no one needs that much jam - but something about the process."

I completely agree its definitely about the process - the craft that we do is generally not cost effective, and it takes so much time! and you often end up with things with no purpose or that you could have purchased. However there is something about craft that just makes people like me happy, so why question it?

I'd encourage you all to get it and read on if its your thing, oh and it's a limited edition print run of 1000 and i'm number 181 ;)

So I'm off to continue my reading tangent, I hope you have a lovely night too!

p.s I apologise for my dodgy photos but it's night time and as it's winter I don't get much daylight after work!

Friday, September 3, 2010

This weekend we're expecting more than 100mm of rain to fall in one day which is the most since 1998, which is crazy!

The rain started tonight while we were out eating Thai Style - which was so exciting by the way. You leave your shoes at the door and everybody sits on the floor. . . it is a very relaxed and laid back way to eat

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!